Family Solicitor appointed to NIGALA Panel

11 January 2016

Family Solicitor appointed to NIGALA Panel

From 01 December 2015, Jenna Boyce, Family Solicitor at Higgins Hollywood Deazley was accredited to work on the prestigious Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency Panel which represents children via a Guardian Ad Litem in Public Law Proceedings under the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995.

The Guardian Ad Litem is an independent officer of the Court who is experienced with working with children and families. The Court will appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to give an independent view of what they think is best for a child and to advise the Court of a child's wishes and feelings. The Guardian Ad Litem appoints a Solicitor for a child. This is to make sure that a child's legal rights have been fully considered.

The Court has to consider appointing a Guardian Ad Litem if it is dealing with any of the following public law and adoption proceedings including:
- Care or Supervision Orders
- Child Assessment or Emergency Protection Orders
- Contact Orders relating to Children in Care
- Residence Orders for Children already in Care
- Placement of Young People in Secure Accommodation
- An application by a Trust to Free a Child for Adoption
- Adoption Proceedings

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