UK has conceded on cut-off date for EU Nationals, say Brussels sources

6 November 2017

Under Britain's proposals in the current Brexit discussions, EU citizens living in Britain until a designated cut-off date will have to apply for a new immigration status to retain access to public services and the jobs market.

The Home Office have quietly conceded that EU27 nationals coming to the UK at any point before Brexit day in 2019 will have their rights protected, after a collapse in the number of new workers coming to the country.

It has been reported that the number of nurses and midwives coming to work in Britain from the rest of the EU had plunged by 89% since the UK voted to leave the EU in the Brexit poll.

This follows a trend for many sectors of the UK economy which will have worrying implications for UK companies. For example, the number of EU27 citizens leaving Britain increased by a 1/3 to 122,000 over the past year.

In a survey conducted of over 600 businesses, representing nearly a 1/4 of the 4-million strong workforce of the UK's food chains, it was shown that nearly 1/3 of UK food and drink businesses have had EU27 workers leave their employment since the Brexit vote.
Almost half of the companies in the survey commented that is was the uncertainty over the EU workers future that caused this.

The above statistics prompted the sector to warn of significant disruption and economic damage if the government failed to stem the flow of those leaving the UK.

Newer arrivals from the EU27 countries, who move to Britain before the cut-off date, will need to apply for temporary leave to remain until they have accrued five years, when they can apply for "settled status".
EU27 nationals arriving after the cut-off date will be given a "grace period", likely to be two years, to apply for another form of immigration status allowing them to legally reside in Britain, such as a work permit.
This could be similar to the Tier 2 process which currently exists for Non-EU Nationals and has been known to be expensive and complicated for companies to navigate.

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