Asbestos Disease

We specialise in obtaining compensation for victims of asbestos related disease.  You may have been exposed to asbestos many years ago, but only recently developed symptoms.  It may be you are concerned that the firm you worked for no longer exists or has been taken over and you will not be able to claim.  This is why it is important to instruct Michael Hollywood, a specialist Solicitor who has experience in dealing with asbestos related claims on behalf of the victims and their families. 

We will work hard to ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly and sympathetically in order to obtain compensation to provide for your own and your family's financial needs and for any care you may require as a result of your illness.

There are many different types of asbestos related disease:

Pleural plaques

Are raised areas of thickened pleura which can be seen on x-rays. The pleura is a two layered membrane which surrounds the lungs and lines the inside of the rib cage.

People diagnosed with pleural plaques, often become worried about whether they will develop a fatal asbestos related illness in the future, such as mesothelioma.

Pleural thickening

Thickening of the lung walls due to scarring caused by asbestos which may cause breathlessness.


Fibrosis or scarring of the lungs, caused by exposure to asbestos dust. The condition develops slowly and can incapacitate the sufferer for a long period of years.

Asbestos related lung cancer

There is a known association between lung cancer and exposure to asbestos dust. People who have already developed asbestosis have a greater risk of contracting lung cancer.


A form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos dust. It effects the lining of the lungs, chest wall or abdomen. The development of the disease can take up to 30 to 40 years after first being exposed to asbestos dust.

Asbestos related claims on behalf of deceased family members

If you have a family member who unfortunately has passed away due to an asbestos condition you may still be able to claim on their behalf. 

Secondary asbestos exposure claims ie getting an asbestos disease from your husband's or father's overalls

Tragically, fathers and husbands carried home asbestos dust on their work clothing to their family members who in turn were then exposed. We can assist in tracing the link between your asbestos condition and your father's or husband's employment history. 

For further information and advice contact Mr Hollywood:

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