Case Studies

Medical Negligence

  1. Compensation awarded by Belfast Court in excess of one million pounds for child with cerebral palsy

    Child C was born by emergency caesarean section at Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn. She suffers from severe cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. The family successfully sued the hospital trust for negligence in her mother’s treatment prior to her delivery including delay in recognising the need for caesarean section and inappropriate use of Syntocinon, which caused her injuries. Damages in excess of £1.3 million were awarded by the judge at the High Court, Belfast.

  2. Mother of cerebral palsy child awarded damages for her own injuries at birth

    Child C’s mother was also successful in her case for personal injury sustained as a result of the traumatic birth. Child C’s mother developed a recognised mental illness and her compensation claim was settled before the hearing at the High Court in Belfast.

  3. End of catheter removed years after being inserted – hospital sued

    Mr H successfully gained compensation after suing a hospital he attended years ago following a road traffic accident. At hospital a catheter was inserted but not removed correctly and the end part broke off. This end part was not removed until years later. Mr H gained compensation for injuries sustained as a result of this foreign matter remaining inside him for years.Negligent treatment of diabetes during pregnancy

  4. Negligent treatment of diabetes during pregnancy

  5. Ms A successfully gained £50,000 compensation after winning her case against the hospital she was admitted to during her pregnancy. Complications of her diabetes arose and she was not treated properly, thereby suffering the very sad consequence of her losing her baby. Ms A suffered from a resultant psychiatric reaction and was awarded compensation.  Her case was dealt with by our Ms Fiona Sterritt. Should you have any queries regarding treatment of diabetes or any another pregnancy or birthing issue, please contact our experienced medical negligence team at HHD, Fiona Sterritt or Damian Deazley

  6. Loss of kidney due to negligent gynae treatment

  7. Our client  unfortunately had to undergo a nephrectomy following gynae and urology treatment at a Belfast hospital which failed to recognise that fluid was not properly draining to her kidney. Her claim for compensation against the hospital was dealt with by our Mr. Deazley.

    At HHD solicitors we obtained all our client’s medical notes and records, x-rays and scans and were able to identify eminent independent experts outside Northern Ireland who reviewed the treatment provided. We also listened to our client and instructed a Consultant Psychiatrist to report on the extra mental anguish cause by the hospital’s negligence.

    Her claim included compensation for the unnecessary surgical procedures, pain and suffering, loss of earnings and the psychiatric reaction that she suffered as a result of her treatment. Our client was awarded £75,000 compensation.

    Should you have any queries regarding treatment of gynae procedures or any other medical issue, please contact our experienced medical team at HHD, or Fiona Sterritt

  8. Hospital acquired infection (MRSA) led to paralysis

    Our client’s father was admitted to hospital and developed a hospital acquired infection, MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) which was left untreated and subsequently developed into his spinal cavity, causing paralysis. Unfortunately as a result of the paralysis he developed respiratory complications and died a number of years later. His family issued proceedings against the Trust responsible for the hospital and their claim for compensation was dealt with by our Ms Sterritt.

    At HHD solicitors we obtained all of the medical notes and records, x-rays and scans and were able to identify eminent independent experts, namely Infection Control Consultants, Consultant Neurologists and Respiratory Consultants, all outside Northern Ireland who reviewed the treatment provided. We took a detailed statement from the family, noting all the medical procedures their father had to undergo and all suffering endured. We had to obtain protocols, guidelines and all documents from the hospital relating to their infection control procedures, in order for us to investigate the case thoroughly.

    The family’s claim included compensation for the pain and suffering of their father, medical complications sustained and ultimately his paralysis. Our client’s case concluded in October 2015 and the family received substantial compensation. Should you have any queries regarding MRSA or any hospital acquired infection matter, please contact our experienced medical negligence team at HHD, including Fiona Sterritt at

Divorce, Family and Children

  1. Father successful in case to prevent mother remove child from jurisdiction.

    The Applicant father brought an application to the High Court to prevent the mother from removing the child on a temporary basis for the purposes of a holiday to her native homeland, a Non Hague Convention Country.  The mother had not sought the fathers consent for the proposed trip prior to booking her flights and concerns were raised that she may not return to this jurisdiction.  The High Court heard evidence from both parties and in consideration of the Case Law made a prohibited steps order preventing the mother from removing the jurisdiction without the leave of the Court.

  2. Child secures lump sum maintenance from father

    The Applicant mother brought an application for a lump sum maintenance claim on behalf of the subject child as the father had received a large personal injury award.  Following proceedings issued under Schedule 1 of the Children (NI) Order 1995, negotiations ensued whereby settlement was reached and a lump sum was placed in Trust for the benefit of the subject child.

  3. Mother successful in preventing further social services intervention

    Social Services issued proceedings in respect of a family involving mother and three children.  The mother suffered from health complications. Concerns were raised in relation to the conditions of home life and the emotional effect of same on all three children together with the potential for physical harm.  Following intervention by various professionals after the instigation of legal proceedings, the family worked along side the Trust and the children were allowed to remain in the family home under the auspices of a Supervision Order.  No removal of the children was sought by the Trust under a Care Order as was originally sought.

  4. Non Molestation Order made against brother for period of 5 years

    The applicant issued an application for a Non Molestation Order against her brother following a random attack of violence. The Applicant secured an ex parte Order in her favour and at Final Hearing of the case, the Court made a full order for 5 years in favour of the Applicant.

  5. Grandmother successful in application for declaration of parentage

    Grandmother sought to bring an application for DNA testing on behalf of her deceased son to ascertain if the child was the biological child of her son.  DNA testing was directed by the Court and a Declaration of Parentage made in the name of the Deceased Father.

Children’s Home Sexual Abuse Case

Mary's child abuse story | £65,000 settlement

Mary* approached us regarding a very difficult period in her childhood. Mary was resident in a children's home and sexually abused by a male employee of the home when she was a child.

Mary had all sorts of difficulties which had affected her all her adult life. She had difficulties with relationships and had developed an alcohol and drug problem. She suffered from low mood and low self esteem. She would have flashbacks of the abuse, her sleep was often disturbed and she would have periods of unhappiness or depression.

Child abuse caused post traumatic stress disorder.

Our medical expert was able to diagnose Mary as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and luckily was able to confirm that there was treatment available for the problems Mary had.

Child abuse had a profound impact on schooling.

The abuse also had a profound impact upon Mary's schooling. We were able to show that as a result of her problems her educational progress had been delayed and that her employment prospects for the future were affected.

Pursuing Mary's abuse claim

We pursued a claim for Mary against the clerical order which operated the children's home. We were able to negotiate a settlement for her in the sum of £65,000 which included a sum to enable Mary to seek the private treatment needed to help her get her life back on track.

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*We have changed the claimant's name to protect anonymity

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