Fiona Sterritt

Fiona Sterritt

Fiona joined the firm in 2000. She is a law graduate of the University of Ulster and of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies at Queen's University, Belfast, where she qualified as a solicitor. Fiona became a Partner at HHD on 1 July 2015, having been promoted to the position of Associate Solicitor in 2012.

She specialises in cases of medical accident/medical negligence, and she is a member of the UK group, Action against Medical Accidents - Fiona has experience of a wide variety of medical negligence cases, including catastrophic birthing cases, cosmetic surgery cases, dental negligence matters and misdiagnosis cases. In 2008 she was successful in a highly complex birthing case which had resulted in severe brain injury to a child, at the High Court in Belfast, which awarded a family in excess of one million pounds in compensation. She worked with Damian Deazley on the recent case of KD (minor) in 2014, which was the largest ever settlement in Northern Ireland of a medical negligence case, involving a child with cerebral palsy. Other recent successful cases include those of failure to diagnose cervical cancer, delay in diagnosis of rotator cuff tear injury, negligent cosmetic surgery procedures, and a MRSA case resulting in paralysis. Other cases where Fiona has been successful in obtaining compensation for her clients include negligent treatment of a lisfranc injury and negligent teeth whitening procedure.

She is familiar with other non-legal methods of complaining about medical accidents including complaints to the office of the Northern Ireland Ombudsman as Commissioner for Complaints about Health and Social Services, and assistance with client complaints to a Health Trust by the Patient and Client Council,

Her everyday caseload also includes general litigation such as road traffic accidents, trips, slips, falls and accidents at work. She has a detailed knowledge of Legal Aid and is efficient in completion of the relevant documentation.

Fiona has served on the committee of the Belfast Solicitors Association - and is a member of the Law Society of Northern Ireland - At HHD we sponsor the medical law and ethics prize at the Ulster University School of Law each year and Fiona is delighted to welcome each winning student during their internship.

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