Hospital acquired infection (MRSA) led to paralysis

30 October 2015

Our client's father was admitted to hospital and developed a hospital acquired infection, MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) which was left untreated and subsequently developed into his spinal cavity, causing paralysis. Unfortunately as a result of the paralysis he developed respiratory complications and died a number of years later. His family issued proceedings against the Trust responsible for the hospital and their claim for compensation was dealt with by our Ms Sterritt.

At HHD solicitors we obtained all of the medical notes and records, x-rays and scans and were able to identify eminent independent experts, namely Infection Control Consultants, Consultant Neurologists and Respiratory Consultants, all outside Northern Ireland who reviewed the treatment provided. We took a detailed statement from the family, noting all the medical procedures their father had to undergo and all suffering endured. We had to obtain protocols, guidelines and all documents from the hospital relating to their infection control procedures, in order for us to investigate the case thoroughly.

The family's claim included compensation for the pain and suffering of their father, medical complications sustained and ultimately his paralysis. Our client's case concluded in October 2015 and the family received substantial compensation.

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