Notary Public

Matt Higgins is a member of College of Notaries in Northern Ireland. As a Notary Public he is in a position to certify documents and witness signatures required for foreign legal documents. This is often required when:

  • Purchasing or selling a property abroad
  • Inheriting property from someone who has died abroad
  • Seeking an adoption from a foreign country
  • Applying to have your qualifications recognised in a foreign country

In many cases an Apostille may also be required form the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This depends on the country concerned. We can arrange to obtain this if required.

It is advisable that, where possible, the documents are sent by email to our office in advance to facilitate any amendments that may be necessary.

It is also important to point out that you will need to bring your original Passport or Driving Licence and a utility bill with you when you call so that your identity can be properly verified. This is required even if you are an existing Client as a record of the documents produced as well as the documents certified must be retained by us.

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