Tripping Slipping Claims

If you have had a fall in a public place you may be able to pursue a personal injury compensation claim. If your accident happened on a public footpath, road or park, you may be able to bring a claim against the local authority if your accident was due to their negligence.

If you have slipped and fallen in some other public place, e.g. a restaurant, supermarket or leisure centre, you may be able to bring a claim against the owner or occupier of the premises under their public liability insurance policy.

To assist your claim if your fall was due to a defect in the public footpath or road then you should try to take photographs of the accident site as quickly as possible. You should also record details of any witnesses to your accident, as these may be useful at a later date.

When you advise us of your accident we will make enquiries to determine the identity of the body or individual who is responsible for the area where you fell and we start your claim with them. We will arrange to meet with any witnesses to take statements. And we will arrange for you to be medically examined to determine the extent of your injuries. We will advise you on your eligibility for legal aid if appropriate and assist you in completing the necessary forms.

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