Been involved in a car accident? Our top 10 tips on what to do next:

27 September 2016

  1. Make sure everyone is ok. If there are serious casualties phone for an ambulance immediately.
  2. Exchange details with the other party - in particular take a record of their name, address, insurance company and details of their car to include the registration number
  3. Document the damage - take photos of the scene and the damaged vehicles (this can be valuable evidence if there is a dispute down the line)
  4. Do not discuss fault or apologise - a flippant comment at the scene may be construed as an admission of liability
  5. Ask any witnesses to the accident for their contact details to include their name, address and telephone number
  6. Call the police if someone is seriously injured or if the other party is refusing to provide their details
  7. Call your own insurers to report the incident and to provide them with the other driver's details
  8. Seek medical treatment for your injuries from either your local hospital or your GP
  9. Have your car damage assessed and documented by a reputable mechanic
  10. Make an appointment with your solicitor to discuss your legal rights and for advice on any potential claims you may have arising out of the incident

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