Michael Hollywood

Michael's work embraces some of the most traumatic cases handled by the HHD practice. He specialises in personal injury litigation, most notably with cases related to asbestos diseases &  work related accidents. Indeed, it is with regard to asbestosis that Michael is best known. He is one of the most respected experts in this field, and with over 25 years experience, he is one of only a very few solicitors in Northern Ireland to provide detailed asbestos expertise.

Michael understands that many of our clients have worked in the building and construction industry as well as within the shipyard and will have been exposed to asbestos dust in the course of their work, including assisting fitters working on pipes. He knows that when the client was exposed to the asbestos dust, the tiny fibres would become airborne and would have been easy to inhale, and subsequently decades later, the client maybe diagnosed with an asbestos disease, such as pleural plaques, pleural thickening, asbestosis or mesothelioma.

At HHD we have experience of dealing with secondary exposure to asbestos. This was a common occurrence involving a housewife who greeted her asbestos fibre-laden husband (or could be son, father, etc.) each day when he came home from work. Usually, these workers were given no opportunity to change clothes or shower before they headed home; hence, their clothing, hair, and body were often covered with dust when they arrived. The women were charged with the responsibility of shaking out the dust and laundering the clothes. Some did this every night. Once the clothes were shaken, the tiny fibres would become airborne and were easy to inhale, especially in a small enclosed space like a kitchen, where ventilation was likely to be poor. Decades later, she would be diagnosed with an asbestos disease.

Meticulous care, coupled with compassion and sensitivity are the hallmarks of Michael's approach to working with clients and their families. If you or a loved one have suffered from any asbestos related conditions, please get in touch with Michael Hollywood at 028 90770770 or email michaelhollywood@hhdsolicitors.com

Michael is a member of:

Belfast Solicitors’ Association - www.belfast-solicitors-association.org

Law Society of Northern Ireland - www.lawsoc-ni.org

Action against Medical Accidents - www.avma.org.uk

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers - www.apil.org.uk