Do I need a Solicitor for road traffic offences?

At HHD solicitors, road traffic offences are some of the most common offences we see before the Courts. Most of us would view ourselves as law abiding citizens who would normally never fall under the attention of police or need a solicitor. However, may it be an error in judgement, complicated circumstances or possibly through no fault of their own, anyone may find themselves in that position.

The seriousness of road traffic offences are wide ranging from minor speeding offences to the most serious on the spectrum such as dangerous driving.

Unfortunately, in this jurisdiction legal aid is rarely available for most minor driving offences at Court irrespective of means and would only normally be granted in the most serious, complex cases. However, if the matter does go to Court at HHD we will make the legal aid application on your behalf if there is a possibility it may be granted in your circumstances. If legal aid is not granted, we will discuss the fees with you in advance of your hearing.

It is important to understand that the sentence and penalty you may face will vary and depend on the precise circumstances and facts of your case. If you face an alleged road traffic offence, you should seek legal advice as every case turns on its own circumstances and facts of the matter.

For example, driving even just over the speed limit may result in a number of penalty points. To most, this may seem relatively minor and they may sign a fixed penalty notice and pay the fine. However, if this is your second or third time facing this, the totting up system means you may face a driving ban/ disqualification which can quickly change a situation from minor to serious.

Again, this is an example of why you should seek advice from our experienced and specialised team of criminal practitioners, as there can be a whole range of factors which will need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the seriousness of the consequences.

A further reason you may seek us to advocate on your behalf is that the Court may take into account mitigating factors such as caring responsibilities or a job in which driving is a requirement which may change the seriousness of the sentence you may face/ avoid a disqualification.

Facing Court due to driving offences can be a great source of worry and stress for anyone due to the uncertainty of what problems it may cause for your personal, family life and career. Most people who face motoring offences may have never been in trouble before and never dealt with the police or Courts so the entire process can be daunting.

As such, it is important that you seek legal advice so as to ease your worries and we will work to achieve the best outcome for you. If you are in this position, contact our office and we can advise you on what you should do. We are more than happy to provide initial advice whether you instruct us to represent you at Court or not

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