Navigating the Legal Road: claiming compensation for personal injury in road traffic accidents

The Bank Holiday season is a time for many of us to hit the road. However, this increase in traffic can provoke an increase in the number of road traffic accidents. According to the PSNI’s Annual Report 2022/23 on Police Recorded Injury Road Traffic Collisions and Causalities, “There was a total of 5,057 injury road traffic collisions recorded, resulting in 61 fatalities, 874 people seriously injured and 6,904 slightly injured.

In the aftermath of a road traffic accident, victims often find themselves with physical and mental injuries but also face the daunting task of seeking compensation for the harm they have endured. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, the first and foremost priority is to seek immediate medical attention. This not only ensures your well-being but also establishes a crucial record of injuries, medical treatment and related expenses.

How can HHD Solicitors help?

In the aftermath of a road traffic accident, the road to recovery can be complicated. One critical action that can significantly ease the burden and increase the likelihood of fair compensation is enlisting the services of a dedicated solicitor who can offer support and expertise throughout the legal process. This can include:

  • Gathering Evidence:

Building a strong case for compensation necessitates thorough documentation of the accident scene. Collecting evidence such as photographs, witness statements, police reports and medical records serves as a foundation for a successful claim.

  • Determining Liability:

Establishing liability is a critical aspect of the claims process. Understanding who was at fault in the accident is critical in determining the responsible party against whom the compensation claim will be filed.

  • Engaging with Insurance Companies:

Contacting the insurance companies involved is a necessary step. Providing them with the collected evidence, medical records and a clear account of the incident is crucial in the claims process. 

Personal Injury claims can be complex and lengthy. At HHD Solicitors we are determined to make your claim for compensation as effective and efficient as possible. To speak with one of our specialist personal injury lawyers contact us on 028 9077 0770.