Case Study – £6,500 for rear end car accident claim

HHD solicitor: Caroline Dunlop, Partner specialising in personal injury law

Settlement: £6,500

What happened:  Our client was a driver in her vehicle when she was rear ended by another vehicle. Liability was admitted by the defendant’s insurance company and the claim was pursued very quickly.road traffic accident claims belfast

How HHD solicitors helped: Following the prompt admission of liability we obtained medical expert evidence to support our client’s injuries and arranged private physiotherapy for our client to attend. Costs for the private physiotherapy were recovered from the defendant insurance company.

Our client was delighted to receive the compensation due so promptly after pursuing the claim. If you have had an road traffic accident which isn’t your fault you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation.  To find out more about how our specialist personal injury lawyers could help you, please email on