Case Study – House Buying and Selling at the same time

HHD Solicitor:           Jenna Boyce, Associate Solicitor

What happened:        Our client obtained a quotation through HHD’s online Conveyancing Calculator for both a sale and corresponding purchase. The client then called our office to confirm her instructions and all other information we required in relation to money laundering and ID checks. Our client was selling her five bedroom property in North Belfast for a three bedroom property in Lisburn. Our client had sale agreed on both her sale and purchase. Our client did not have a mortgage as she was using the sale proceeds for her corresponding purchase.

What HHD solicitors did:     HHD solicitors proceeded to open the two corresponding files and obtained title deeds for the purchase and sent the title deeds to the purchaser’s solicitor on the purchase file. It was important for our client that both sale and purchase happened on the same day as she was moving out of one and into the other. Our client was also using the sale proceeds for her purchase. HHD solicitors met with our client to complete Replies to Pre-Contract Enquiries and also obtained the property certificates and searches and sent these to the purchaser’s solicitor for their records. cheap quotations for moving house legal costsOnce all documents had been exchanged for both transactions, we met with our client to discuss the necessary documents and raise and answer any queries. On the day of completion, we kept our client informed in relation to both her sale and purchase and whether keys could be exchanged yet. Once both transactions had completed and all monies had been received and sent, we informed our client she had successfully sold one house and purchased another. HHD solicitors proceeded to complete registration of our client’s ownership of the property with the Land Registry. Upon completion of this application, we retained the title documents in our safe for safekeeping.

Our client was very happy with how smoothly the two transactions proceeded alongside each other and how HHD managed both files effectively. If you are buying or selling a house and need a solicitor, please contact our Conveyancing Department directly – or 02890 770 770.