Case Study – Unfair dismissal, redundancy and sex discrimination

 HHD solicitor: Lauren Jones, Solicitor

Settlement: £10,000

What happened: Our client believed that she was dismissed unfairly and did not believe there was a genuine redundancy situation. She believed she was targeted for redundancy due to her previous disciplinary and grievance history. Furthermore, our client argued that the selection pool used for redundancy selection was incorrect, unfair and incorrectly applied.  In addition, our client was treated less favourably than a male employee in respect of the terms of her redundancy package.

How HHD solicitors helped: At HHD solicitors we took detailed instructions from our client detailing her full employment history and details of the redundancy situation and relevant correspondence and documentation. We issued proceedings in the Industrial Tribunal and Fair Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination. We attended the Case Management Discussion Hearing for directions and timetabling of the case. We agreed legal and factual issues with the employer’s representative. We requested further additional information and documentation from the employer’s representative. We engaged in communication and negotiations with the employer’s representative. Our client was awarded the sum of £10,000 compensation in respect of her loss of earnings from her date of dismissal, future loss of earnings and injury to feelings.

Our client thanked the employment team for all their hard work and how the promptly her claim was processed. If you have an employment query, or feel you have been treated unfairly at work you may be entitled to make an employment claim for compensation. To find out more about how our employment lawyers could help you, please email on