Co-Ownership Launches their New “Rent to Own” Scheme

Rent to Own is Co-Ownership’s alternative route to home ownership.  If you are currently able to pay your rent but can’t get a mortgage or avail of Co-Ownership’s Co-Own option due to debt or other issues, then Rent to Own could be the answer.

Rent to Own allows you to choose a new build home, Co-Ownership buy it for you and you rent it from Co-Ownership.  You then commit to a 3 year plan with the aim to buy your home, either with a mortgage or with Co-Own.

The 3 year tenancy allows you time to save for a deposit, reduce your debt and improve your eligibility for either a mortgage or Co-Own.  You can buy your house at any time after the first year up to the end of the third year.

Here at HHD we have experienced solicitors who are on Co-Ownership’s panel and who can advise you further on the legal process involved with “Rent to Own”.  Pick up the phone to us today!