Case Study – Application to change a child’s surname and extinguish the Father’s parental responsibility

HHD solicitor: Sarah Hamill, Assistant Solicitor specialising in family and matrimonial cases

Result: A child’s surname was changed and the Father’s parental responsibility extinguished

How HHD solicitors helped: Our client sought to change her child’s name to remove the Father’s surname and to extinguish the father’s parental responsibility due to allegations made by the child.  The child was suffering harm and distress by having a link to her Father and our client was therefore seeking Court orders to protect her child.  We assisted our client through the Court process by advocating on her behalf and drafting the legal argument to be placed before the Court.Belfast experts in divorce and family law  The Father disengaged from the proceedings, however, to ensure a fair trial we had to ensure he was aware of any Hearing date, had the opportunity to attend and received our position paper setting out the legal argument.  The Court ultimately ruled in our client’s favour after considering the argument we put forward on behalf of our client.

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