Judicial Review and Human Rights

HHD has a long-standing and successful record of Judicial Review. We passionately believe public bodies should be held to account when things go wrong. Our expert team of solicitors have particular expertise of challenging decisions, procedures or failure to act appropriately.

When you deal with the criminal justice system - whether as a victim of crime, a prisoner on remand or sentenced, a witness in a court case or someone charged with an offence - you have the right to be treated fairly and without discrimination.

Judicial Review And Human Rights

The criminal justice system plays an important role in ensuring that Human Rights are upheld at all times. The courts, police, probation, Department of Justice and prison services are all part of this system. Here at HHD Solicitors we will ensure that our clients, who become involved in the criminal justice system for whatever reason, are treated with fairness and respect.  In doing so, our solicitors have a great deal of experience in challenging, by way of Judicial Review the decisions of the following criminal justice agents:

  1. The PSNI in their dealings with the execution of money warrants and SOPO Applications;
  2. The Probation Board for Northern Ireland in their dealings with persons subject to Licence conditions;
  3. The Northern Ireland Prison Service in their dealings with Prisoner Adjudications, Prisoner's medical treatment and release date calculations.