Case Study – Breach of Data Protection Act

Case Study: Breach of Data Protection Act

HHD Solicitor: Damian Deazley, Partner, specialising in commercial and civil litigation.

What Happened: Our client was an employee of a large multi-national organisation working as a Customer Services Advisor. He had been off work  for a period of time with a pre-existing illness. During this absence his employer disclosed personal information relating to his illness and absence by sending an email by mistake to a number of work colleagues.

Our client instructed our office to claim damages for personal injury, loss and damages sustained by him by reason of negligence, breach of contract, breach of privacy and breach of Data Protection Act.

How HHD Helped:  At HHD Solicitors we took detailed instructions on his employment history,  obtained his relevant medical notes and records and organised psychiatric evidence in support of the injury suffered by him. Proceedings were commenced before the Industrial Tribunal and subsequently the High Court for the respective breaches and negligence. Negotiations with the legal representatives of the Defendant ultimately led to a settlement of £40,000.

Our client was delighted with the outcome and how promptly his claim was processed. If you feel you have a query relating to your employment, or breach of personal information or have been mistreated at work you may be entitled to make an employment claim for compensation. To find out more about how our specialist lawyers could help you, please email on