HHD supporting the fight against heart disease – Will You?

During the month of January, HHD Solicitors will be waiving their fee for will-writing services with clients and instead, donating to leading local health charity Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke. Our involvement is part of a wider ‘Will You?’ campaign, that will see a host of legal practitioners from across Northern Ireland donate their fee to contribute to the fight against heart disease, in a first for the charity.

With people pledging commitments to New Year’s Resolutions and the period commonly viewed as the prime time to evaluate and make a fresh start, recently collated data has shown that January is a popular time to make a Will or update an existing one.

However, recent research revealed that 54% of adults do not have a Will. The serious implications of this include making an already difficult time for families more stressful. Young people who have just married, bought homes or become parents are amongst those who are likely to be unaware of the importance of the issue.

Now, HHD Solicitors are encouraging local people to meet with their team to realise the benefits of ensuring peace of mind for their family in the future. Fiona Sterritt, Partner at HHD solicitors said “As families come together over the festive period, it may spark some motivation for people to ensure their loved ones are protected. Or the new year might just bring a fresh perspective and desire to ‘get things in order’ such as finances and future plans. We’re pleased to be both encouraging the people of Belfast to make or amend their Will while contributing to the fight against heart disease in Northern Ireland.

“Having recently lost my own father to heart disease, I have personal experience of the vital work NICHS do and appreciate the importance of any campaign to fight against heart disease. I’m personally very proud that HHD Solicitors are part of this initiative.

Jackie Trainor, Director of Income Generation at Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke added, “There are around 74,000 people living with heart disease across Northern Ireland and it accounts for 10.5% of all local deaths. The donation of the £75 fee will pay for one person living with heart disease to attend our new Heart Strong programme for one week. We are pleased to have HHD Solicitors on board with this initiative, which is a first for Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke, and we appreciate their kind support of our Heart Strong campaign.”

For more information and to book an appointment, contact our office on enquiries@hhdsolicitors.com